Our mission is your mission! We integrate with your business and your goals by creating accountable relationships where productivity is measured in outcomes and deliverables.

Frezza Haynes LLP, CPAs & Consultants, was founded in June of 2017 in California. We offer Virtual CFO Services, including cash flow management, business tax planning and financial forecasting. Other business services include Virtual Controller, Virtual Accountant, Virtual Bookkeeper, tax services, forensic accounting services, and a variety of additional a la carte options. We also offer individual services for high wealth individuals and individuals looking to take their financial planning more seriously such as a Personal Account Manager & Personal Financial Manager.


We are a remote company with a modern and evolved approach to accounting. Here's what makes us the best choice:


  • We offer flat-fee pricing. We know it’s nice to know your cost before you purchase something. We will spend as much time as needed to provide our services with the highest standard, level of integrity and business ethics.


  • We offer bundled services at a flat fee. You pay a monthly fee for only the services that you want and need.  Our fee will not change from month to month based on volume or how many emails you write to us. Why pay separately for your tax return, tax projections, financial statements, weekly CFO, monthly Controllership services, and wealth management services?  At Frezza Haynes, CPAs we determine the services that will be performed throughout the year, put them into an engagement letter so that there are no misunderstandings, and finally calculate one fee for those services – a bundled approach.


  • We’ve embraced the continued evolution of technology and we use technology to the fullest to bring you easy to use and view systems, dashboards, and reports. Whether you’re trying to send messages, find the best project management software, perform a streamlined bill pay, view reports & dashboards, or just navigate through an accounting system, we work with all the best in class technologies available. Most accounting firms are firm in their ways or stuck in the past offering inefficient, reactive solutions that do not lead your company to success quickly. We are able to perform our services without ever stepping foot in the door. Between our expertise and the top-notch technologies we use, your client experience will always be first-rate.


  • We teach you profit-focused accounting. Through management and cost accounting exercises, we identify areas of opportunity, help create goals & strategy to increase your top and bottom lines, and we work directly with your team to implement and execute. Our clients enjoy having more cash in the bank, have less debt, and having the ability to grow through success. We help our clients maximize profits, minimize taxes, increase cash flow, and build business and personal wealth.


  • Our clients & team members are located all over the United States, from Alaska to New York, all the way back to California. With the use of web portals, e-mails, cloud technologies, video, and remote conference meetings, we can perform all our back-office functions of an accounting department, as well as the high-end functions of a CFO, miles away from the client’s place of business. We will always try to partner you with a team that most closely matches your location. This allows and affords us to be able to offer a value-based pricing model for top tier professional services.

Our Team
Marisa Frezza, CPA, CDFA®, CFE
Founding Partner

Marisa@frezzahaynes.com | Phone: 619-736-0534

Casey Haynes, CPA
Founding Partner

Casey@frezzahaynes.com | Phone: 415-488-6092

Marisa is co-founder of Frezza Haynes, LLP.  She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).  Marisa earned her Master’s in Forensic and Fraud Examination from West Virginia University, a nationally recognized leader in the field.  She graduated with a BSBA with an emphasis in accounting at WVU, as well.


Her experience involves investigating, analyzing and dissecting complex financial issues in marital dissolutions and commercial litigations.  Marisa specializes in the characterization and valuation of assets and debts, quantification of income, and tracing assets.


Marisa also has extensive experience providing financial support for high-net worth individuals and full-cycle accounting in a multitude of industries allowing her to have a complete understanding of what makes a business successful.  She looks past the numbers to help reduce costs, enhance revenues, and improve profits.  Marisa is highly detail-oriented and a strategic problem solver. She is passionate about her work and goes the extra mile to promote success and growth for her clients.

Casey is a detail-oriented financial expert and advisor, with a keen sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. He has built a career based on a passion for creating system and process efficiencies, utilizing best-in-class technologies and providing key performance analysis and strategies to help make smart business decisions. He earned his MBA and BS in professional accounting from West Virginia University. He is currently located in the heart of the Bay Area, where he practices accountancy and acts as a trusted advisor for business owners from all over the country. He is an active CPA in the state of California.


Casey has served as an Accounting Manager & Controller for an array of start-ups & established private companies. He has helped clients from countless industries implement efficient and automated processes & technologies while providing trusted guidance and support to owners and CEOs. Casey began his career preparing corporate and individual tax returns and providing full-service accounting responsibilities. He learned the intricacies for accounting in a variety of industries. He has spent many years in the private industry as an accounting manager helping build scalable operations, financial analysis and strategies, and successful teams. Casey specializes in CFO and tax services, an ideal partner for CEOs and business owners far and near.

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