Forensic Accounting Services

Frezza Haynes LLP offers a wide variety of forensic accounting services to individuals and organizations. Our forensic accounting experts are able to interpret complex financial issues and provide strategic guidance during a legal dispute.  Our team possesses investigative and analytical skills that allows us to collect data and render an opinion based on the facts. We provide consultation services, report-writing, and expert witness testimony on cases from financial fraud and criminal investigation, to family law & divorce assistance, as well as economic damages valuation.


We offer the following services:


  • Litigation Support

  • Fraud Detection & Deterrence

  • Business Valuation

  • Family Law & Divorce Assistance


Litigation Support


Frezza Haynes LLP assists either the plaintiff or the defendant solve any challenging monetary concerns and disputes. Our experts offer important insights and transparency that can help our clients through all stages of a disputed matter; from the initial case assessment and detection, to the case strategy, damages valuation as well as settlement assistance.

Fraud Detection & Deterrence


Frezza Haynes LLP’s fraud investigation and deterrence experts can assist you in determining the trials and potential hazards of entering any type of business transaction. Our experience handling companies in various types of industries helps us assist business owners mitigate risks, gauge economic implications of disputes, and investigate suspected fraud in the company. We perform tasks such as investigating strange financial activities, detecting electronic evidence, and examining financial reports.  We’ve gained our clients’ trust and confidence with the sensitivity and sense of urgency that we possess, knowing that they can always rely on us to provide the expert witness testimony needed to explain our discoveries.

Business Valuation


Business valuation is a process used to estimate the economic value of a business entity at a specific point in time. This process is often applied in the dissolution of a marriage, shareholder and partnership disputes, financial damage claims, buy & sell arrangements, estate & monetary or property tax planning, and the purchasing or selling of a business.

Family Law & Divorce Assistance


As professionals offering family law and divorce assistance, Frezza Haynes LLP can help lawyers and non-financial managers easily comprehend complicated income and property accounting concerns. We offer assistance in business assessment and forensic accounting, in a wide variety of family law matters such as marital and child support, property assessment, asset tracking, classification and division, as well as expert witness testimony.


We offer divorce services such as:


  • Working in collaboration with your lawyers and arbitrators

  • Trial support and expert witness testimony

  • Organizing matrimonial balance sheets and other monetary reports

  • Preparing Declarations of Disclosures (ie. Schedule of Assets and Debts, Income and Expense Declaration)

  • Evaluation and breakdown of financial disclosures stipulated by each party

  • Characterization and division of complex assets

  • Tracing of separate property

  • Valuation of community and separate property interest in marital property

  • Computation of existing income for support

  • Marital lifestyle investigation

  • Spousal (maintenance) and child support consulting

  • Business valuations

  • Community right to reimbursement for a portion of the increase in value of a separate property business

  • Forensic investigation and data analytics to expose unstated or understated assets and discrepancies between claims and fiscal records

  • Investigating unstated or understated assets and individual income

  • Determining options and tax consequences related to separation of property

  • Deferred compensation, such as pension and retirement plan, valuation and characterization

  • Stock option characterization and apportionment

  • Refutation of opposing professional's report

  • Revisitation of court orders after divorce

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